How can fix sqlsupport_keyfile.dll Error Effectively on Windows System

sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error is a computer issue that occurs when it is unable to operate on the Windows system normally, and many problems on the PC could be responsible for the error, so it is not so easy for many people to fix sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error effectively.

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File Information

Designed with the unique features and functions, file sqlsupport_keyfile.dll is often used by the computer system for specific performance to meet the user’s requirements. And here are the more details about this file:

Full name:sqlsupport_keyfile.dll
File size:
Latest version:

What’s sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error?

When the Windows system fails to detect or load this file for the associated operation, people will get the error messages like:

  • “An error has occurred on the start-up”
  • “Error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\sqlsupport_keyfile.dll,
  • The specified module could not be found”
  • “Windows cannot access ...”
  • “There was a problem starting ...\sqlsupport_keyfile.dll”

If you are not fortunately that receive one of these error messages, you are certainly encountering the sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error on your PC. And many further issues caused by the problem will happen unexpectedly.

Available ways to fix sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error on Windows system

Way one - fix system registry issues

Associated registry problems is always the big cause of these error issues on the Windows system, because they are the indispensable part of the sqlsupport_keyfile.dll being accessed by the system but unluckily often encountering the corrupted, missing or invalid problem, which is because these registries are often used by many applications at the same time, the running problem, overloaded issue and people’s incorrect behaviors on the computer often creates some error issues with these registries. While the registries fail to work smoothly on the PC, many of related applications and files like sqlsupport_keyfile.dll will not be able to perform well. Therefore, you should fix sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error with a reliable registry fix tool to handle this problem.

  • Start the registry repair tool on your computer
  • Use the program to perform a thorough check for your Windows registry
  • Select all of registry issues it detected, and clean all of them well with the application
  • Exit the fix tool, and restart your computer system

Way two - reinstall the associated programs

If you are unable to use or open the sqlsupport_keyfile.dll on your computer, you should suspect and go to check that whether the application the file belonging to is just corrupted, especially when the error message often indicates that the file cannot be open for the associated program has been damaged. In this case, you should uninstall the associated application firstly, and install it again on the computer.

If the sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error issue just appears after you installing a new application on the PC, there may be a incompatible issue between the sqlsupport_keyfile.dll and the new program. To fix sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error in this issue, please uninstall the program on your PC, and consider to install another one which is more compatible with your Windows operating system.

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  • Click on Start > Search > type “cmd” in the box to search out the command prompt
  • Right-click on the “cmd” in searching result > select Run As Administrator
  • Then the command prompt window will be opened > type “sfc /scannow” > hit Enter
  • The System File Checker will be activated and scan for a while to find out all of corrupted system files, then try to restore them on the computer system
  • Wait for the SFC finish the repairing, and restart your computer system

Way four - perform a Windows system and driver update

Another solution which is also fix sqlsupport_keyfile.dll error effectively is updating the Windows system and drivers to the latest version, because the outdated Windows system and associated devices are often the cause of many problems on the computer, once outdated, they will not be able to process and access the specified files and applications smoothly. Therefore, many applications and utility will be updated and optimized after the update, and they will be able to process the associated files and data again without any problem.

Although you set the auto update of your Windows system on your computer, there are some optional updates for the system and drives will not installed on the system automatically, and you should do a manual installation of these updates if you think that they are also necessary and important for your computer system.

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